We are excited to advise that the inaugural AEBF Australia Cup is fast approaching.
YES, it’s happening in 2021 😁

This tournament is custom built for players that want to experience a ‘Nationals Style’ environment whilst playing against players of similar skill level and experience.
* No Open Australian Reps ❌
* No Elite Open State Players ❌
We are looking for everyday, hardworking, grassroots players across the country to experience the elite level tournament conditions and have a damn good time while you’re at it 😜

What teams can nominate?
* Junior Teams ✅
* Ladies Teams ✅
* Mixed Teams ✅
* A Team from the Humpty Doo Hotel ✅
* A Team from Empire Pool Lounge ✅
* A Ladies Super League Team ✅
* Richmond Supporters ❌

The Australia Cup will provide a magnificent opportunity for so many players across the country to play on a major stage and gain invaluable experience.

More tournament information is being released very very soon.
Don’t miss this amazing opportunity.

And just quietly, although nothing can happen this year, the AEBF is working behind the scenes to potentially have an Australian team picked from the Australia Cup tournament to participate in an international teams event.
Yes, very exciting 😁

AEBF Australia Cup…. be part of it.


How to Enter

Nominate and pay for your team

The captain or nominated representative of the team nominates a team, entering the:

  • Team Name
  • Primary Contact details
  • List of player names

This adds the team nomination to the cart.
The captain or nominated person can continue to step 2 if they want to the singles entry fees to the nomination payment, otherwise they can proceed to checkout and pay for just the team fees, leaving the players pay their own singles entry fees.

Nominate and pay for your singles and doubles entries

Select this item to pay the entry fee for any players wishing to enter the singles and doubles. This can be done at the same time as the team nomination payment, or each player can make their own payment individually.

If you are paying for more than one player (or doubles nomination), you’ll need to add this item to the cart for each player you are paying for (entering the player’s name each time).

Fill out your details and consent

Finally, each player needs to register their details individually.

The team needs to be nominated first, as the team name is required to complete this step (so players can be matched up to their teams).

This step involves player accepting the conditions of entry, so this must be completed by each player (and not by another person on behalf of the player).